The latest economic impact data has been released from iAccelerate, and we have 27 million reasons to celebrate! 

As of December 2017, iAccelerate has supported the creation of 386 jobs since its inception in 2011, generated over $33.5m in revenue and over $2m in successful grants.

Part of iAccelerate’s core mission has been to deliver gender balance within the innovation ecosystem by focusing on execution, strategy development and key projects. To this end, 44% of current iAccelerate start-ups have an active female Founder or Co-founder.


2017 Snapshot

  • iAccelerate have supported 77 start-ups this year
  • Our start-ups employed 136 full-time staff, 123 part-time staff and engaged 84 other postions, including interns, volunteers and students
  • Our start-ups have launched 54 products, with an additional 85 products under development
  • iAccelerate resident companies have supported more than 1.6 million customers in 2017 and have generated more than $27 million in revenue!
  • Along with the $27 million in revenue, they have raised more than $6 million in equity capital since January 2017 and been successful in securing $700,000 in grants
  • Our start-ups have registered 33 applications for Intellectual Property (Patents, trademarks, design), with 27 being successful
  • 44% of our current start-ups have an active female Founder or Co-founder. The average percentage of female co-founders is 15-20%, so iAccelerate are incredibly proud of this statistic!


If you want to know more about iAccelerate, if you’re interested in growing your business as a resident or supporting our companies through investment or mentorship, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Our next Tour and Information session is being held on Wednesday 6 December – Register Here

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