3D Desktop Scanner

3D Desktop Scanner are producing 3D Desktop Scanners for the education market and public access areas, such as libraries.  

All The Deals iAccelerate

All The Deals

All The Deals helps users find deals on the internet.


Australian Nursing Outcomes Collaborative (AUSNOC) provides data for hospitals to evaluate and benchmark nursing services to improve patient outcomes (and reduce costs). 

Blockchain Partners

Blockchain Partners believe that a decentralized, transparent and safe society is what we want to pass onto our grandchildren. Our focus is on machine learning and business fundamentals to research, understand and evaluate blockchain projects to support and invest. 

Critical Arc iAccelerate

Critical Arc

CriticalArc changes the way people coordinate in real time to solve real problems. By enabling omnipresence, CriticalArc's goal is to provide organisations with services that manage critical situations more effectively and economically than is possible by traditional means.

DevDAS iAccelerate


DevDAS is an aid and development consultancy firm, based in Australia. At DevDAS, we design, tender for, and communicate initiatives. That means we're lucky to work with some great staff and switched-on people - at client HQ and in-country - to deliver on each brief.

Easy Agile iAccelerate

Easy Agile

Easy Agile is a software company that provides solutions to Atlassian customers around the world. Easy Agile products help software development teams effectively deliver quality solutions to their customers.

Elemental Aim

Elemental Aim create educational resources that financially support impactful and innovative schools in Nicaragua, India and Bangladesh. 

eMotion Technology iAccelerate

eMotion Technology

eMotion Technology is a startup Wearable Technology company that seeks to assist those who need a hand in working towards their goal of independence.

Evolve Communities iAccelerate

Evolve Communities Pty Ltd

Evolve Communities provide unique online tools and programs for organisations to engage their staff, clients and customers. We specialise in cultural awareness, diversity and inclusivity.

Free Look iAccelerate

Free Look

Free Look is the designer of the “Look UP, a custom built drone linked with 360 degree camera capabilities. 

GeoInteractive iAccelerate


GeoInteractive Pty Ltd is a young innovative geoscientific company developing rapid ways to map underground mines and hazardous environments in 3D utilising advances in digital cameras and computer vision technology.

Indie Foods


Indie Foods is an e-commerce platform that facilitates the buying, selling and transacting of artisan foods and local produce for independent food producers and their customers by bringing them together in one place.

Little Elf iAccelerate

Little Elf

Little Elf connects people, via internet/phone app technology, wanting specific domestic jobs/chores, such as laundry or lawn maintenance, done for them with people in the local community, such as a neighbour, who wants to perform the task (Elves).

Marine Debris Bakelite Project MDBP

Marine Debris Bakelite is created from 100% plastic debris washed up out of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch onto Australian Beaches.



Modfab is dedicated to bringing affordable 3D printing technology to educational institutions in Australia.

MojoElectro iAccelerate


MojoElectro is solving the problem of “dead batteries” by taking different approaches to portable electricity generators.

NIFTY Concepts

Nifty is a highly visual mobile marketplace that will provide a streamlined and efficient way to buy and sell used clothing UNDER $50 online, bringing the thrift store concept to a modernised online.

Polygon Door iAccelerate

Polygon Door

Polygon Door is a creative technology lab. Our core competency is an understanding of creative thinking and its relation to technology; we know where ideas come from.

Screen Dopamine iAccelerate

Screen Dopamine

Screen Dopamine is changing the way people and business connect with each other through a unique engagement marketing platform


ShopM8 is a retail shopping partner that notifies users about deals at nearby retail stores based on their interests and current location using the latest in Geo fencing technology.

Sooma iAccelerate


SOOMA is a novel device proposed especially for ones who have low vision, are legally blind or have visually impairment. 

The Little Food Plan iAccelerate

The Little Food Plan

The Little Food Plan is a smart, easy-to-follow, healthy eating and meal preparation system to help busy parents kick-start their children’s healthy eating habits and set them up for a lifetime of success.

The Rainbow Tunetable

'The Rainbow Tunetable,' is a musical device enabling children of all ages to create tunes, even if they are unable to play a musical instrument.


Twyfords - iAccelerate


We are creating and beta-testing an online tool to help managers make every business meeting more engaging and productive.

Win Win Parenting iAccelerate

Win Win Parenting

Win Win Parenting offers a range of face-to-face and online parenting programs delivered business to consumer and business to business.

ZestDesk iAccelerate


The world’s first portable adjustable standing desk. ZestDesk turns any table into a standing desk in less than a minute.


Allis Technology Pty Ltd - ScrubUp App

Allis Technology Pty Ltd are the developers of the mobile app, ScrubUp, a complete surgical preference portfolio customised to meet the needs of the surgeon, nurse & all members of the surgical team, available to hospitals & individual nurses. ScrubUp aims to optimise patient safety & enhance intra-operative efficiency.


Meet the past participants of the iAccelerate program. 


Aquilae is a technology consulting company working to make the adoption and use of technology easy.

Australian Smart Grid

Australian Smart Grid provides services of installing solar panel on the roof of buildings and subsequent maintenance. 


ClauseMatch is a cloud based contracts management system for trading agreements in commodities and financial markets.

EcoHeat iAccelerate


Ecoheat is a solar heating solution that harnesses the sun's heat and brings it inside. The innovative system reduces energy costs and environmental impact.


Famly is the first app to discover and book activities with and for kids.