Free Look

Free Look is the designer of the “Look UP, a custom built drone linked with 360 degree camera capabilities. 

The drone prototype helps Roads and Maritime engineers who want to inspect bridges both time efficiently and safely by eliminating scaffolding and utilizing 360degree High Definition video footage unlike current devices using aerial still images. 

Founder of Free Look, Sam Noakes, recently won UOW Pitch 2016 with this idea and prototype. Sam is currently involved in field testing and sourced funding from major stakeholders that he wishes to take to companies that are leading innovators in the areas and resources he’ll be implementing.

Sam is a Communications and Media student. His interests lay with innovative technology, and other points of skillset include 3D Printing , Classic Cars , VR (Virtual reality) , Op Shopping Connoisseur , Science Fiction Movies & an overall Cricket Tragic. 



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Sam Noakes

Founder/creator of Free Look/Look UP. 


M: 0488241558



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