Quirky Kid

Quirky Kid is Australia's leading child psychology clinic. Quirky Kid is changing the way schools teach social-emotional learning to their students by creating innovative and evidence-based materials to improve students' emotional and social wellbeing in schools and clinics around the world.

Quirky Kid has received multiple awards in Australia and overseas. Our resources are used by over 3000 organisations and every year our clinics provide effective intervention to over 1000 children and their families.  

"iAccelarate provides the perfect environment to collaborate and rub shoulders with great people, allowing us to solve the world's greatest challenges." 

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Leonardo Rocker

Leonardo Rocker is Quirky Kid’s Business and Creative Director. He completed a Master of Social Development with UNSW. Leonardo focuses on designing, monitoring and evaluation of great social and emotional programs that enable children to fulfil their maximum potential.

Leonardo has been named one of Australia’s Top 50 emerging leaders by The Sydney University and BOSS Magazine (2015). He received a fellowship with The China Children's Book Fair and at The Global Young Social Entrepreneur Event in Malaysia.

To his achievements Leonardo adds his passion for long distance swimming, where he recently tackled a 10km swim from Bondi to Watson Bay. He has a  passion for travelling and has visiting over 24 countries.





Dr. Kimberley O’Brien 

Dr. Kimberley O’Brien is one of Australia’s most trusted and recognized Child Psychologists with a knack for solving issues from the child’s perspective. In 2016, Kimberley completed a Ph.D. through Monash University on “Belonging and socioemotional wellbeing among students in transition from primary to secondary school”.
Kimberley also enjoys an active role in the Australian media, contributing to various publications including The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age and commenting on radio networks.  She regularly appears on television as a spokesperson providing her expert opinion on various topics with Channels, Seven, Nine, and Ten.
With 20 years’ experience working locally and internationally, she is the co-founder of the Quirky Kid Clinic and an expert in child development and mental health. She has lectured Doctorate and Masters students and published 12 therapeutic resources with Quirky Kid and a chapter on “Positive parent-child relationships” (Springer Press, UK)
In 2006, Kimberley conducted international research as part of The School Days Project,interviewing students in 52 countries to better understand school culture and multiculturalism. Kimberley completed the School Days Project with indigenous children in Darwin, AustraliaKimberley loves nothing more than sipping a cup of tea while watching children draw. She chose iAccelarate to develop scalable resources for children and families further afield.