StabilCo has developed a system to revolutionise the road construction industry – enabling the building of roads at lower cost, in less time, to last longer, from 100% waste. 

StabilCo’s MatrixMaterialsTM is an evidence-based system for the production of high performance pavement materials – applicable for use in roads, rail, hardstands, airport aprons, dam cores, impermeable landfill liners. 

Our materials utilise 100% industrial waste – from many industries including mining, chemical, municipal & utility – thereby bringing wastes into the circular economy and reducing companies’ waste levies and disposal costs. All wastes are EPA-approved.

The superior MatrixMaterialsTM system is proven to deliver massive financial, time and environmental savings through:

  •          20% productivity increase, due to significant time savings during construction
  •          39% saving on delivered materials and transport
  •          50% reduction in the carbon emissions associated with road base construction
  •          100% use of waste, stimulating new markets
  •          significant reductions in need for future maintenance, therefore minimising life-cycle costs

We offer a ‘glocal’ technology – at its very nature is its ability to be developed and distributed globally to accommodate users in the local market. With MatrixMaterialsTM, everyone can access low cost, low maintenance, high performance, sustainable horizontal infrastructure.


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Simon Bruce

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Kim Bruce

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