Evolve Communities Pty Ltd

Evolve Communities provide unique online tools and programs for organisations to engage their staff, clients and customers. We specialise in cultural awareness, diversity and inclusivity.

We believe people have the best solutions to their own problems. Through collaborative design we work creatively with them to discover answers that lie within. Our innovative approach caters to all diversities and is accessible across the globe. With Evolve, people have the opportunity to engage, exchange and explore, choose, contribute and connect.

Evolve’s capacity to work with a diverse range of clients from remote Aboriginal communities through to state and federal governments across a broad spectrum of projects is a testament to our ability to adapt, engage and produce dynamic results to achieve customer satisfaction. Our extensive experience and longevity has resulted in a Churchill Fellowship leading to the creation of award winning solutions such as the Evolve Engaged Community model and the hugely popular Meeting Marketplace.

A Bardi woman from the Kimberley region of Western Australia, Munya Andrews is renowned for her intellectual prowess, sharp mind, quick wit and terrific sense of humour, she is forwarded by Melbourne University as a ‘leading Australian thinker’.

Carrying the spirit of the business name and as an expert in organizational and community engagement and inclusion, Carla is always open to new perspectives and improving what she does and how she does it. 

iAccelerate is the boost for Evolve for its next evolution - taking our unique engagement and inclusion approaches into the online world.

Website: www.evolves.com.au


Carla Rogers


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Munya Andrews


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Paul Dopper

Manager - Communications and Marketing

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