The world’s first portable adjustable standing desk. ZestDesk turns any table into a standing desk in less than a minute.


Developed by Dr Peter Moore and his son James. Their vision is to give everyone the opportunity to stand and work ergonomically no matter where their office is. Stand smarter at ZestDesk.com


According to ZestDesk, humans spend 90% of their waking hours sitting, when they have evolved to spend most of their time on their feet. Prolonged sitting is harming office workers waistlines, backs and is reducing their life expectancies by years. ZestDesk is on a mission to turn it around. 

In 30 seconds the ZestDesk can turn a table or desk into a standing desk. It can be carried between jobs or packed away when it is not being used. The ZestDesk has an adjustable table top and monitor stand so that you can find your perfect ergonomic height. It is also precision engineered and is super strong so that it can handle your laptop or a 27” monitor.




James Moore NEWJames Moore

James Moore is a surfer, online marketer and lover of "life hacks" that make his day better. He loves to stand as it makes him feel more productive and healthy.

Phone: 0402056372
Website: zestdesk.com