UOW PitchX


UOW PitchX is a reverse pitching competition where students are asked to pitch terrible ideas. Students are encouraged to submit terrible ideas and then will go on to form teams, further develop the idea, attend pitch training, performance training, collaborative meetings and then compete on stage in a final event, presenting their horrible idea to a judging panel. Prizes will be given to team in the categories of worst idea, best worst costumes and best prototype.

The UOW PitchX program is recognised by UOWx. Awarded at graduation, the UOWx Record is a transcript of your co-curricular involvement. This formal endorsement from the university showcases the knowledge, skills and networks you have developed as an aspiring professional. Some of the skills you can gain from PitchX include: 


  • Public Speaking

  • Presentation

  • Creativity

  • Communication

  • Self-Awareness

  • Collaboration and team work

Find out more at one of our meet ups. 


Questions? Contact:
Jane Strang, Program Coordinator
0427 166 907





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