At iAccelerate, we’re on a mission to amplify the innovation ecosystem way beyond our own walls.

Through the iAccelerate Innovation Network, we’re bringing together entrepreneurship networks right around the globe to forge powerful long-term collaboration opportunities. By sharing resources – education materials, industry expertise, speakers, mentors, investors and more – we’ll collectively drive regional, national and international innovation to bold new heights.

We’ll use the well-proven methodology from iAccelerate and tailor it to local needs and conditions, working with the community to foster a spirit of innovation that leads to economic opportunities in the region…

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Tier 1

We’ve created a range of different pathways to getting involved with the iAccelerate Innovation Network. Choose the option that works best for you and your organisation. Do as much or as little as you like, and reap the rewards as you go.

Tier 2

Get some hotdesk time onsite and tap into our networking events and expert training, all for a minimal investment.

Tier 3

Hotdesk at our partner coworking spaces across the country and connect with people and ideas beyond your doorstep.

Tier 4

Access iAccelerate’s top experts right where you are, with the best of our exceptional Educate program tailored for local facilitation.

Tier 5

Grow your own incubator powered by everything iAccelerate has to offer, from programs and mentoring to our networks and seed fund.

Becoming a partner

We’re ready to explore with you the many ways your organisation can get involved and be part of our innovation collaboration revolution. Contact us today and let’s get started