Delivering the goods

iAccelerate is at the heart of UOW’s commitment to growing a thriving regional economy. This community we’ve built is delivering the goods on innovation, jobs and revenues, facilitating rapid acceleration of businesses and attracting new companies and industries to the Illawarra.

Data for the iAccelerate 2018 Economic Impact Report has been compiled from an opt-in survey sent to each of the current iAccelerate resident companies and iAccelerate admin data. 62 respondents completed the 2018 survey.


“Since joining iAccelerate we have increased our revenue by over 20 per cent and our staffing from 15 to 20 people, all of whom are located regionally.”

Dean Jackson, Managing Director, Planet Footprint

Creating local jobs

  • iAccelerate delivered 517 new jobs to the region since 2012.
  • In 2018 we delivered 131 new jobs to the community (not including founder jobs and other opportunities)

Current positions

  • 410 current positions at iAccelerate, as at December 2018
  • 42% Full Time, 25% Part Time and 33% Founders

Sector diversity

Sure, the direct benefits are huge – but the real impact extends far beyond that. iAccelerate is actively working to expand and diversify the region’s economy, supporting businesses from a wide range of fields with an even wider scope for impact.

iAccelerate supported 74 companies in 2018 in a range of fields including tech, hardware, service, education, health, wellbeing and social

Bucking the inequality trend

The startup sector, and the tech world in general, isn’t exactly known for its gender balance.

But at iAccelerate, we’ve created an environment and ecosystem that encourages female founders, co-founders and employees to thrive and bring their passion and vision to the table. 50% of iAccelerate companies have at least one female founder – in sharp contrast to national averages.

The big bucks

If money talks, then iAccelerate is making some serious noise.

Our residents reported a 37% year-on-year revenue increase in 2018, with a 93% increase in wages and contractor payments in the same period. 

An incredible launching pad

iAccelerate companies are bringing new ideas to market every day, launching 210 new products and submitting 40 IP protection applications in 2018 alone.

2017 Economic Impact Data

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