iAccelerate is excited to have awarded scholarships to five UOW research students and researchers to join their ‘Activate’ program, commencing next week. Congratulations to recipients:

  • Noor Jarbou ( SMAH)
  • Amin Jalilian(EIS)
  • Dilini Wickrama Achchige (EIS)
  • Aaron Hodges ( AIIM).
  • Dr Sarah Tillott (SMAH)

Dr Sarah Tillott is a researcher from SMAH who has created a series of innovative resilience resources that have demonstrated behaviour change as measured by her PhD. With ten years of teaching at the university, Sarah has built the UOW’s Academic Resilience Framework, and has been a recipient of several outstanding teaching and learning awards.

The support that iAccelerate offers researchers and students of UOW has grown from its interactive ‘Test Your Business Idea’ pilot, to now immersing various member of the university community in its ‘Activate’ program, alongside entrepreneurs and start-ups.


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