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Economic impact

iAccelerate's economic impact report for 2022 highlights another year of outstanding results where we continue to be a leader in Australia's innovation ecosystem.

Combining world-class resources of the University of Wollongong with entrepreneurs, businesses and investors our expertise and strengths are creating positive impact in our local and global communities.

iAccelerate is committed to providing access to entrepreneurship no matter where you are. Our RISE Program has played a significant role in supporting regional entrepreneurs in bushfire affeted regions in NSW. Our Impact report showcases some of the outstanding outcomes of this program. 

Supporting innovative companies

By the end of 2021 iAccelerate has supported 247 companies in total.

With 2 intakes in 2021, iAccelerate supported 20 new companies and 30 students through the program.

Infographic showing businesses supported by the iAccelerate Program

Supporting innovative companies

Since its inception, iAccelerate has delivered 904 new jobs from companies actively engaged as members of our program (this does not include ongoing job creation by our Alumni).

In 2021 we delivered 172 new jobs to the community (not including our founders).

Infographic showing the number of new jobs from companies actively engaged as members of the iAccelerate Program

Sector diversity

iAccelerate's industry-agnostic program supported 68 companies

in 2021 in a range of sectors that include: tech, hardware, energy, AI, robotics, EdTech, health and wellbeing and social enterprises.

Gender Equality

41% of iAccelerate companies have at least 1 active female founder.

Our aim is to have women represented equally in our ecosystem with a target of 50%. We have shown consistent above national and international results over the past 5 years: 46% (2020), 47% (2019), 50% (2018), 42% (2017) and 35% (2016)

Infographic showing the Gender Equity of the iAccelerate Program

Making sales

Generating over $83.7M in


*95% of reported revenue came from five iAccelerate SME's.

Infographic showing benefits of the iAccelerate Program to the economy

Money into the economy

$29.5M in combined salaries / wages and payments to contractors.

Infographic of sales generated by iAccelerate SMEs

Investment since 2016

Over $45.6M raised by iAccelerate Companies in equity capital, debt capital and grants.

Infographic of iAccelerate Investment 2021

Products and IP

iAccelerate companies continue to launch & develop new products.

Infographic of iAccelerate Products and IP 2021


Infographic showing a snapshot of the impacts of the iAccelerate program 2021

iAccelerate innovation network

"We’ll use the well-proven methodology from iAccelerate and tailor it to local needs and conditions, working with the community to foster a spirit of innovation that leads to economic opportunities in the region…"