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Education Through Animation‘s latest app #TimesTableMadeEasy received five-star certification from #TheEducationalApp store.

Originally posted here, written by Greg Ellis for the Illawarra Mercury.

A new app developed at iAccelerate to make learning the times tables easy has been awarded a five-star rating by The EducationalApp Store.

“Times Tables Made Easy” achieved a certification score of 94 out of 100 for the way the app makes children fall in love with mathematics using animal characters.

And how Michael Rix’s creation has made learning and playing at the same time so much fun.

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Mr Rix founded Education Through Animation two years ago following a 26 year career as an engineer working for companies such as Rio Tinto, WMC, BHP and South32.

He was always been interested in maths and after leaving South32 pursued his dream of developing an app to help children to learn and not be scared of mathematics.

After two years of developing the app went live earlier this year just in time for the COVID-19 lockdown from April to June.

Many parents and teachers have remarked on how it is able to help children learn multiplication within days, not years.

Times Tables Made Easy is available for download from the App Store and Google Play on all mobile tablets and phones.

It was developed using local artists, voice actors and animators to create 13 adorable animals who each teach and coach the students through a times table.

Even the 12 times table becomes easy with the app teaching children that it is the same as 10 times plus 2 times.

“They just calculate 10 times by placing a zero on the end, 2 times by doubling and then add these together to solve 12 times,” he said.

The flow on effect of Times Tables Made Easy is children are becoming more confident about their overall math ability.

Mr Rix said the new ranking from The EducationalApp Store came after the Illawarra Mercury ran a story about the new app in May.

“Since then I’ve been started to get some sales in the US and UK,” he said.

“It seems to be helping a number of kids in lockdown given the characters actually do the teaching within the App”.


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