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Welcome to the world’s first price index built for wholesale produce and flower markets. 

Harvest Index will change markets forever, first with Australias biggest, the Sydney Markets, the price barometer for produce and flowers in Australia. If you are a seller or buyer, negotiate wiser, and make better deals for your business.

If you are a seller from a grower to a wholesaler, you need Harvest Index to reach more buyers. Or, if you are a buyer from grocers, florists, cafes, and many other businesses, use the app to find better deals than your competition.

  • See market prices in real-time. As buyers or sellers, you can see prices ahead of and during markets. Negotiate wiser. Get the most value from your money and save time finding and making the best deals.
  • Advertise products and prices instantly. Sellers can add any produce with their grade and any flower or foliage. They all will appear in market charts for buyers to see with your prices and location. Don’t worry about attracting new buyers. Let them come to you.
  • Buyers can locate any product. Buyers can easily search for specific products and grades. Don’t spend time searching in large chaotic marketplaces, know where and who to go to for what you want and the best price.
  • Simple design. Don’t use mobile apps often? Our app is made simple and easy to navigate. We also have customer support you can call or email that can help you with any issues you may have.

Download the App here

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