After a successful initial trial with their floating robots with Sydney Water, GeoInteractive are to sign a 12 month proof of concept trial.

Geo Interactive is a geoscientific company that has developed rapid ways of mapping underground environments in 3D utilising advances in digital cameras and computer vision technology.

The benefit of the product is to reduce the need to travel underground in hazardous environments, enhance communications between departments, and to establish permanent records to monitor and map trends.

“We had an opportunity to do a trial with Sydney Water earlier this year to map an area of old pipe using our technology. The trial was so successful they are now moving forward with us to do a full proof of concept trial of their network. Our goal is to replace people with the sewerscout technology we have built” said Rob Lee, founder of GeoInteractive.

GeoInteractive have successfully completed both the iAccelerate and muru-d programs and have just hired 2 casual staff and are looking for a CTO and also Full Stack developers. They are off on their next trip to the US in the last week of September to meet with investors and clients. They are looking to secure a pilot program in the states as well.

“GeoInteractive is the latest of a number of companies that began at iAccelerate and are now achieving significant market success.  These are not the traditional high-tech businesses but companies who are using technology to solve real world problems with enormous market potential” said Omar Khalifa, CEO of iAccelerate



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