iAccelerate resident company GeoInteractive has been announced as one of the eight successful companies to enter muru-D, a startup accelerator program, backed by Telstra.

muru-D recently updated its funding model, aiming to attract more ambitious and mature organisations to the #SYD4 cohort. As a result from a total of 150 applications the eight successful startups have been offered up to $60,000 in seed capital investment for the program. 

In addition to seed funding participants in the 6 month accelerator program benefit from a network of mentors & industry professionals, and overseas trip and the program culminates with a demo night in an auditorium filled with investors, mentors, business partners and Telstra supporters.

During the 6 month program, GeoInteractive will continue to have a presence in the iAccelerate Centre. 

The 8 startups include:

  • AgriWebb, which is using technology to transform livestock production. More than 800 farmers are using its product and the company has raised more than $4 million
  • Alta, a startup which is developing the first multiplayer game with a long playtime for virtual reality.
  • Bron.tech, which is making a blockchain product that is as easy to use as a ‘coupon at the grocery store.’ It has a team that includes some of the most experienced blockchain developers in Australia
  • Flobox lets small businesses fight back against large marketing teams by taking strong ad strategies for social media and making them ‘easier to use than a spreadsheet.’
  • Flurosat, a company that uses hyperspectral cameras mounted on drones and nano satellites to look at crop health
  • GeoInteractive has built a hardware product, similar to GoPro, that provides an underground map like Google Street View.
  • Patch’d, an organisation that has hired former Cochlear engineers, has developed a medical sensor that provides real-time patient monitoring from anywhere in the world
  • Snooper has developed a crowd-sourcing app that pay shoppers to collect in-store data and share their own experience with brands in real time.


Learn more about GeoInteractive here. 

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