Circularity Accelerator for Fisheries & Aquaculture

How to join

Acceptance into the program will be via an EOI process, with initiatives that address the following issues of particular interest to FRDC:

  • Diverting shellfish and fish waste into scalable products
  • Recycling plastics and bioplastics for reuse in the system
  • Replacement and reuse of polystyrene in aquaculture
  • Alternative low-impact refrigeration solutions
  • Systems enhancements to reduce fuel and transportation

Key Dates

Now to 15 December 2024 - Expression of interest/Applications open

January 2024 - Successful applicants will be notified they are in the Program.

February 2024 - the Program will commence with a 2 day discovery session where you will identify the key challenges in your industry and how they relate to your business. 

March 2024  -  a 3 day ideation session will be held where you will be partnered with key industry experts and UOW academics who are experts in their field to ideate potential solutions to innovate in your business. 

April 2024 - Selected participants will progress to our Circularity Accelerator program which runs over 8 weeks.

Workshops will run on Wednesdays 9.30 to 12.30 at iAccelerate. 

May 2024 - The Program ends with a pitch event to showcase your business and the skills you've developed. 

About the program

The circularity accelerator program will provide the skills for you  to run through various stages of customer development, customer validation, prototyping, pitch training  and circularity principles to build an entrepreneurial mindset.

For further information please contact:

Natalie Manahan
Program Manager - Fisheries & Aquaculture 
Regional Circularity Co-operative, Bega Valley

Tel: +61 404 778 220

Email: [email protected] 

Who should apply?

From 2024 to 2025 as part of this program:

  • both small and large scale fisheries and aquaculture entities,
  • individuals and
  • related industries

will be invited to participate in a staged program where ideas are fostered and mentored by Industry and UOW experts including our Blue Economy team.

Join our Information session

We are hosting an information session on 15 November 1-2pm to learn more about the program. All welcome 

This project is funded by Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC).