Bay & Basin Community Resources (BBCR) partnered with iAccelerate residents ExSitu in the ‘Improving Consumer Choice’ category for the awards. These awards showcase organisations increasing their client-focused initiatives and improving quality services to older Australians.

“BBCR partnered with ExSitu to offer our communities a values based care plan which enabled us to understand what people valued and allowed us to offer more services that people really wanted and that were meaningful to them. In addition to this, ExSitu measured the BBCR communities’ digital literacy and built an online community for us. This ensured hybrid services could be offered to individuals who previously may not have been able to physically attend social activities, which helped to increase both the quality and quantity of our outputs.

It acknowledges the positive impact our new values-based care plans are having on our community members lives. By developing an organisation-wide values-based approach which assumes capacity and ability, we will have a values-driven workforce supporting social connectedness, wellness and reablement. With a lens on ‘values’ community members will be encouraged and empowered to discover ways to increase their connection to community” said BBCR CEO Heather Marciano

Cofounders Rebecca Glover and April Creed have been steadily recognised for their impact on the aged care, legal and financial advice sector since launching the ExSitu platform in 2019.

The ExSitu platform allows people to reflect upon their values using digital card sorting and the outputs are used to support and inform future decision making by both the person and their circles of support.

‘We’ve designed our platform using the principles of rights based care and as the aged care sector’s appetite for continuous improvement evolves, we have as Australians the opportunity to provide not only compliant care but also excellence.’ April said.

‘BBCR has embraced values based care planning and our collaboration has shown that values based care plans shift the dial away from care delivery revolving around decline and towards optimising activities and services that bring joy and meaning to every person as the age.’ said Rebecca.

Merlin Kong of innovAGEING said “In the past few years we’ve seen a growing sophistication on what the sector considers innovative. This year’s innovation projects builds on this further with a greater multidisciplinary focus on people and organisations. Its clear that the sector understands that technology is an important tool, but without understanding customer needs and wants, and developing tools and systems so that workers can deliver better care, being a viable business will be a hard slog.”

Mr Kong said that the innovAGEING National Awards are a way for the industry to acknowledge the hard work, ingenuity, and grit that goes into making change happen.

“Excellence in aged care happens when people are truly collaborative and BBCR live and breathe their values. Our collaboration is driven by shared vision and values – as well as mutual respect.

ExSitu is the first to create a measurable way of understanding values to create meaningful connections with community and care providers and we are proud to be recognised for our work with the team” said Rebecca.

The winners of the innovAGEING National Awards will be announced on Thursday 24 November.
To register to watch the event live please follow this link:

We wish ExSitu the best of luck!

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