Raising Money Masterclass

[box]#009933[/box]The "Raising Money Masterclass" provides insights into securing funding for your startup - whether this is from State or Federal grants or from angel investors this workshop provides practical tips which improve your chances of securing funding.

Nick McNaughton will be running this workshop in the afternoon on 18th August after his "How To Negotiate a Term Sheet Workshop".

A little bit about Nick:

Nick is a seasoned executive who has a long heritage in the software industry. He specialised in bringing US vendors into the Pacific. During this time he spent extensive time living and working in Asia.

Since 1998 he has been an angel investor involved with 16 start-ups. Successes include Soulmates Technology, Zookoda and Vocus (ASX:VOC). Recent investees include ingogo, Posse and ImageBrief.

Nick is currently the CEO of ANU Connect Ventures the venture capital arm of the ANU. He manages the Discovery Translation ($3M) and Seed Investment fund ($27M). Nick is also a former Chairman of Capital Angels, and a current member of Sydney Angels.


Date: Tuesday 18th August

Time: 2pm to 4pm

Venue: Room G12, ITAMS Building (233), Ground Floor, Innovation Campus, North Wollongong

Register: EventBrite or email events@iaccelerate.com.au to reserve your spot