4IMPACT Conference

7th Aug

That’s a wrap…

Its officially a wrap for 2018 4IMPACT Conference and what an awesome event it was once again.

A very big thank you to all that participated in the 4IMPACT Conference – from the array of inspiring speakers, all the wonderful attendees and the iAccelerate team who made this a reality (you know who you are).

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The iAccelerate 4IMPACT Conference is the how-to guide for disruptors, socialpreneurs, researchers, students, policy makers and everyone who seeks to effect meaningful change. Hear from 20 inspiring speakers who themselves have redefined business, communities and the world at this one day special event!


The conference is your chance to connect with like-minded people within the socialpreneur / disruptor / policy maker space. Our speakers have paved the way for change themselves, and are keen to show you how they did it.


It happened on August 7, 2018

Thanks to those who joined in! If you want to come next year…


iAccelerate Centre (239)

Innovation Campus,
University of Wollongong

The conference is perfectly positioned between Sydney and Canberra, making travel to and from the conference easy.


Here’s a small sample of the inspiring people
you’ll meet at 4IMPACT