iAccelerate residents Jason Hinds and Adam Degnan from Enware travelled to Europe in March to explore market opportunities for their new Smart Flow business.

The tour was based around ISH which is the International Sanitary and Heating Fair in Frankfurt, so the guys from Enware could meet all the big players in the UK and European plumbing industry. Many companies have started down the electronic control and monitoring water development strategy and this technology focus can only assist Enware in realising their goals as these markets mature and the plumbing market joins the modern age.

During the tour they visited a number of German and UK hospitals, hospital designers and public health engineers to better understand their plumbing installations and validate the belief that the issues we face locally in Australia are typical across different geographic markets.

Enware started their electronic systems development pathway over 12 years ago, and are now only focused on commercial market applications like health care. Opportunities for Enware exist in becoming a technology partners for larger plumbing companies who are looking to go deeper into Healthcare and have capabilities, resources and expertise more focused on selling, marketing and manufacturing plumbing products.

During the tour, Jason and Adam had promising meetings with many big players and have come away from the trip with partnership opportunities to sell back to UK and Ireland, Germany and the Nordics and well as Canada and potentially US.

They also visited Dublin City Universities’ Water Institute and research centre. DCU are partners with UOW through the ACES Centre of Excellence in electro material sciences.

With an aim to set up system trials by early 2018 in each geographic market, it’s exciting times ahead for Enware. Watch this space! 


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