Elemental Aim create educational resources that financially support impactful and innovative schools in Nicaragua, India and Bangladesh. 

121 million children around the world are unable to access a basic education. Our three international partner schools are each implementing innovative grassroots educational initiatives to provide access to education for many children who may not otherwise receive it. 

We are developing an educational resource for schools in Australia that culminates with students creating and organising a small fundraiser at their school. All funds raised through this will be divided equally between our three international partners and enable each school to continue their invaluable work in their respective communities while potentially expanding their impact.

The composition of our educational resource package is founded in evidence-based, future focused pedagogy that aligns with the Australian Curriculum and State-based Syllabus outcomes. Informed and guided by this platform, Elemental Aim also focuses on developing the cultivation of important aptitudes such as leadership, teamwork, empathy and enterprising skills. 

Website: www.elementalaim.org.au 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Elemental-Aim-219598581872845/

Twitter: twitter.com/ElementalAim

Email: [email protected]


   Robert Morrison


   M: 0416 894 087


   Kate Fitzgerald


   M: 0438 670 372



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