After 2 years of development, the App that gives every child the opportunity to learn multiplication within days, not years, is now available for download on all mobile tablets and phones.

The App, titled ‘Times Tables made Easy‘ was developed using local artists, voice actors and animators by ‘Education Through Animation‘. 


It’s designed to both teach the Times Tables and also give students the skill of “Number Sense”; which is the ability to turn harder math problems into easier ones. As an example, rather than stress over remembering the 12 times table, the students are taught that 12 times is the same as 10 times plus 2 times. They just calculate 10 times by placing a zero on the end, 2 times by doubling and then add these together to solve 12 times.

With over 3 hours of animated fun, the App stars 13 adorable animals who each teach and coach the students through a Times Table that will help them develop a growth mindset. 

Times Tables 2

The App’s unique learning experience includes: 

  • Teaching;
  • Practicing;
  • Coaching;
  • Recognition and Reward; and
  • Progress Reports

The end result is the students not only become more confident in multiplication they also become more confident in their overall math ability. They start to think they really do have a “math brain”.

Times Tables Poster
The poster summarising the way each Times Tables is taught using “Number Sense”.


More information on the app is available on the ETA website

You can download Times Tables made Easy on Google Play or Apple Store


Michael Rix and Education Through Animation

Michael previously worked for 26 years for Rio Tinto, WMC, BHP and South32 managing 2000 employees and revenue in excess of $1 billion per annum. After finishing with South 32 he has followed his dream of helping children to learn starting with the times tables and joined the iAccelerate Program. Michael and his team have just launched their Education Through Animation platform to help kids and their parents grow whilst remote learning.

“I created ETA with the goal of improving education levels throughout the world. I believe that learning is best facilitated if you package it in a way that the brain will soak it up, on devices that students love to use,” he mentions. 

Catered to primary and elementary school students, Education Through Animation facilitates learning and growth is through the creation of unique Apps. Their Apps are designed to make the brain wake up and take notice; and stars animated characters who are bright, amusing and energetic–making the experience as entertaining as an animated feature film. 



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