Cubic A wants you to become your own art expert.

With the belief that art lovers themselves make art prosper, the team at Cubic A  releases their first minimum viable product (MVP). 

Founders Wenwei Su and Zhiyang Ou being on the helm of the startup, Cubic A improves art exploration experience by lessening the time needed to acquire high quality and personalised art information. 

“The current MVP has basic but essential functions of our proposed mobile application and demonstrates its capabilities,” Wenwei shares. 

Joining iAccelerate in 2019, Cubic A aims to be the first personal art advisor platform that turns complex information into clear and bespoke infographic. 

Cubic A founders Wenwei Su and Zhiyang Ou at our 2019 Demo Day

Since winning the audience choice award at our Demo Day last year, the team at Cubic A is now gathering feedback for its MVP. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or a serious art collector, this surely will appeal to you. 

The platform starts with an Aesthetic Test that generates an indicator report. 

“We are currently working really hard to let more people know about this MVP, try it and give us feedbacks and comments. Our IT team is building Cubic A art database which will be delivered on June this year,” Wenwei shares. 

The Art & Finance Report 2019 issued by Deloitte and Art Tactic indicated that the art industry is facing a problem on reaching broader audience.

Cubic A’s market research revealed that the first reaction of most millennial interviewees about art is that they are expensive, complicated, and “something professional’’.

“Cubic A would like to help you find out and to match your interests with more information about styles, artists and even local exhibitions that would feature what is most likely to appeal to you,” iAccelerate CEO Omar Khalifa shares. 

“Art is subjective, you don’t need someone to tell you what you should like or not,” Wenwei shares. 

Cubic A will be releasing the second edition of its MVP this June. 



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