Total Metering Services (TMS) has selected the Catalyze field service management (FSM) product S3RV to be its new enterprise technology enabler as it continues to expand into new markets across Australia.


An extensive search of established FSM software failed to identify a system capable of meeting TMS’s specific requirements. Catalyze presented S3RV to the TMS executive who was impressed by the technology but also the deep FSM domain expertise that was demonstrated.

After a successful proof-of-concept phase, TMS signed a 5-year service agreement with the first module due to go live in August 2020.

Total Metering Services (TMS) provides safe, high-quality, and customer-focused services across NSW, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, and ACT. They are one of Australia’s leading smart metering field service providers


Catalyze has established a micro-service modular platform it calls YIAP (Your Identity Asset Protection) on which it has developed the S3RV field service management product.

The YIAP platform supports all aspects of identity and asset management and is fit-for-purpose in all asset-centric verticals. Catalyze continues to enhance S3RV to enable TMS’s success but is also working with other clients to bring to market the following products:

  • ID4U – digital identity and guardianship framework
  • AS3T – asset portfolio management
  • W1LZ – digital wills and estate management
  • PR0T – asset protection (insurance)
  • M8NT – asset operational monitoring, condition reporting and predictive maintenance
  • LOG1 – inventory and replenishment logistics


About Catalyze

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Catalyze specialises in Information Engineering – a collection of skills and experience applied to process and solution design with the purpose of optimising information provision to your business users. 

Catalyze plans to disrupt the insurance market by offering technology and consulting services to our clients that enable them to operate without the constraints that currently characterise the industry.


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