Speaker: Aly Khalifa – North Carolina State University

All businesses assume some boundary conditions on what they can depend on and what they intend to challenge. Have you fully considered yours? Emerge from this session with confidence that you have considered more than the obvious and decide both what you are going to take on and what you are not.

Who – New entrepreneurs in the process of defining their business landscape and core values

Learning – Participants will take a wide-eyed look at the issues surrounding their enterprise, some obvious and others surprising. Exercises in both expansion and contraction will help them solidify their stance on being a business and social enterprise.

Takeaways – Participants will walk away from the workshop with:

1. Confidence that the venture is focusing on what’s most important

2. Core business/social value statement

3. List of a key issues that are in scope of the venture and why

4. List of items that are appreciated but will not be pursued by the venture and why

5. List of items that are outside the scope of what can be taken on by the enterprise and why

6. Refocused value proposition and talking points for what is inside and outside of the venture’s scope



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