In a strategic move BeerMogul has formed a partnership with V8X Magazine, Australia’s leading V8 Supercars magazine. Part one of the partnership will see BeerMogul take one of their apps, V8 Race Manager free on the App and Google Play stores.

Launching 23rd of November you will be able to download the addictive simulation race strategy game for free. This is but one development of the future partnership with V8X Magazine.

The dream – doing what you love and getting paid for it. It’s the aspiration of many, yet sadly a dream oftentimes left unfulfilled.

iAccelerate resident Nathan Harper the founder of BeerMogul Games is living proof that the elusive goal, doing what you love and getting paid too is possible. An avid supporter of virtually everything motor-sport Nathan has transformed BeerMogul Games into a motorsport powerhouse creating various mobile applications and a podcast within the motorsport industry. BeerMogul Games success hasn’t come easy says Nathan, “it takes a lot of hard work and persistence to pay off”. 

BeerMogul Games is local proof that hard work, persistence and following your passion does pay off.


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