The SAYER Foundation’s current project is integrative support and services for domestic and family violence (DFV) – a quality recovery program for survivors and their families.

The SAYER Foundation is a newly established residential social enterprise within iAccelerate Centre. The Foundation is a Not-for-Profit (NFP) organisation and is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient (DGR). SAYER’s agendas are inclusive and seek ways to support the communities of children, especially our most at-risk members.

  • The program is an early intervention strategy that targets and better integrates specialist programs and health-related support and services, whilst also improving efficiencies in service delivery.
  • It is fundamentally an intensive 3-week residential boot camp with access to on-site client-centred service and support expertise for both survivors and their children.
  • The program draws upon a multi-disciplinary approach – legal processes and support, navigating government systems, parenting through trauma, finances, housing options, online safety, self-care and nutrition will be offered, in conjunction with individual counselling, group therapy and body therapies.
  • A children’s program with child-based support and services will run simultaneously. It is an innovative program that offers both survivors and their children, the time, space and expertise to recover and begin to heal so all parties can move on in a positive result orientated way.

Fundamentally, the model examines how best to package the support and services victims of DFV and their children need to disrupt the intergenerational cycles of abuse. The program is a total solution approach. It offers safe housing and on-site access to specialist practitioners and programs – helping survivors and their children to regain their dignity, pride, purpose and self-worth.

The program has the potential to save lives by stopping the social deterioration that typically occurs without holistic intervention. The SAYER Foundation’s aim is to ensure their program is evidence-based and that the model is replicable and able to be adapted for communities locally, nationally and beyond. Leading industry experts are currently working with SAYER to package the best of the best services and support programs. A pilot study will assess the logistics of running such a residential recovery program and measure its efficacy – sustainability and impact. SAYER is keen to continue to expand their network of key industry expertise. SAYER is also working diligently towards securing funding and resourcing for the pilot study.

Our Mission

To provide hope, opportunity and healing to people who have been impacted by domestic and family violence.

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