PhycoHealth creates fortified food and skin products with the first cultivated Australian seaweed.

PhycoHealth has unique and direct access to Australia’s first cultivated seaweed for food. It is an endemic seaweed, true saltwater tucker, and is produced in an industrial ecology technology, capturing CO2 and catchment nutrients. Together with seawater and sun, the PhycoGreenTM seaweed has a consistent and concentrated nutritional profile.

Further PhycoHealth has the product from technology that concentrates the nutritional molecules that feed the human gut, and that gave been demonstrated to reduce inflammatory disorders linked to the gut.

This nutrition can be delivered in the PhycoHealth range of products; efficiently through supplements for gut health, or with fun and flavour in our fortified food range of Phettucine, SeaC’s, Phukka and Phycodamias

PhycoHealth’s extracts have also been shown to uniquely bind to human skin cells and accelerate and complete wound healing processes. So PhycoHealth range can help on the inside and out with our range of skin care products.

PhycoHealth is regarded as a global leader in this new western frontier, and has recently been featured on ABC Landline and Catalyst, BBC and Michael Mosleys latest book, Clever Guts, and Tim Flannery’s book endorsement of innovative, sustainable, ecological engineering in Sunshine and Seaweed.

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Sustainable Development Goals

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