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There is an ever-growing number of ways that UOW Students can engage with the iAccelerate Community.  There are a number of subjects embedded across UOW curriculum and in extracurricular activities. Gain entrepreneurial education and practical experience. 

Engage with companies

Faculty of the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities 

PHIL328: Philosophy at Work  
School of Humanities and Social Inquiry 

 This capstone subject in philosophy focuses on the role that philosophers can play in work outside of university teaching and research. We work with innovative new companies to explore ways in which philosophy can contribute to managing complex problems concerning the environment, health and medicine, social justice, education, and the development and use of new technology. This experience will highlight the skills you have developed through studying philosophy and allow you to begin to plan a successful career as a university graduate. 

Faculty of Business and Law 

BUS 200: Innovation for Global Goals 
School of Business 

This subject gives students the tools and frameworks to understand, create and action unique innovative ideas to super wicked problems using the globally-recognised United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Through the use of systems thinking principles, students will apply an interconnected approach to tackling societal, biosphere and economic global challenges. Students will have the opportunity to collaborate with University students from across UOW to brainstorm ideas, workshop ideas with industry professionals and pitch ideas to experts. 

Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences 

ECTE250 Engineering Design and Management 2 
School of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering 

This subject consists of a structured team design activity covering the first four phases of a product design cycle. Student teams will undertake the entire project using staff as 'costed' advisors. The team activity will be supplemented by lectures covering such areas as: language and communications; teamwork; and an introduction to key project management design and development activities, including management concepts and tools, to enable engineers to effectively manage the design and development aspects of both a project and its associated activities. 

ECTE351: Engineering Design and Management 3 
The aim of this subject is to provide students (in teams) with the opportunity to undertake a significant product development exercise, from target specification through to product launch. The emphasis is on the technical achievements of the team project. Student teams will undertake the entire project using staff as 'costed' advisors. A number of projects will also be industry supported projects that have industry customers. The team activity will be supplemented by lectures covering such areas as an introduction to key implementation activities including: management concepts and tools to enable engineers to effectively manage the critical implementation aspects of projects; social and ethical considerations; psychology/ergonomics; and engineering test methodology. 

CSIT321: Project
This subject is the capstone project for undergraduate students in the School of Computing and Information Technology. It aims to provide students with practical experience in complete systems development. The projects connect groups of students with supervisors and clients that are facing an ICT-based problem for which the students are required to find innovative and creative solutions. Working in groups, students design, implement, and document a system. This involves: project planning and scheduling, seminars and individual presentations, group coordination, research of proposed application domain, use of design methodologies, design documentation, coding, module and system integration, testing, verification, and implementation. Teams will meet weekly with supervisors to discuss progress and problems. 

ENGG980: Professional Communications and Engineering Workplace Practice

This is an annual Work Integrated Learning (WIL) subject for students enrolled in a Masters of Engineering degree. It prepares students for the future world of work through a series of interactive and practical lectures, tutorials and group activities focused on developing key employability skills required to be successful in the workforce. Students will refine their professional communication skills and understanding of Australian workplace requirements and apply these in job seeking contexts and recruitment processes. They will also engage in a group experience where they will work to solve real world problems. Students will develop a better understanding of the Australian workplace culture including building and strengthening the attributes required to work effectively and ethically. 

“Since joining iAccelerate we have increased our revenue by over 20 per cent and our staffing from 15 to 20 people, all of whom are located regionally.”

Dean Jackson, Managing Director, Planet Footprint

"My sincere gratitude and appreciation to you for facilitating this program. It was a fantastic journey that helped me learn a lot, and it also helped my PhD journey".

Udaya Rathnayake, PhD Candidate, Faculty of Business and Law

iAccelerate in your subjects

Faculty of the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities 

ASSH302 - Social Change and Advocacy Project 
School of Arts, Social Science and Humanities

This subject is taught as a Work Integrated Learning Placement with the Illawarra & Shoalhaven Social Research and Education Enterprise (ISSREE). ISSREE is a social research cooperative, coordinated by UOW and developed in partnership with the four local councils of the Illawarra and Shoalhaven regions. Students will be actively embedded into the design, development and implementation of the field-work activities of ISSREE and the capstone assessment task will require students to analyse and present information and data about a social or public health issue affecting the local community. 

Faculty of Business and Law 
ENTR903: Business Innovation Plan
School of Business  (Graduate Certificate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship / MBA Advanced Innovation and Entrepreneurship) 

This subject enables students to explore the potential exploitation of their own business idea. Students evaluate opportunities from a range of perspectives including; financial, technical and legal. They conduct market research on their opportunity, develop a plan for exploitation and have the opportunity to present their proposal to a panel of experts who provide feedback on the commercial feasibility of the chosen project. 

A bit of both

Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences  

FEIS400: Lean Engineering Start Up 
School of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering, 

This subject is designed to run in a start-up incubator where participants carry on their ECTE350 projects and develop them into lean start-up businesses. Topics covered include business model canvas, value proposition design, IP, customer discovery, marketing, product management, and brand development. Public relations and social media. Digital strategy, finance, term sheet negotiations, leadership, human resources and extensive pitch training. In addition, a range of other business topics will be covered. 


We also connect our iAccelerate resident companies and alumni with faculty-based internship opportunities 

Faculty of Business and Law

BUS 391: Professional Experience in Business  

Professional Experience in Business enables students to apply the knowledge learned at university via work integrated learning and/or a real world focussed innovation project in an industry context and become work ready. To attain a place within the program, students competitively apply in the prior semester, and are selected for a domestic or international internship or to complete a proposed innovation project in their discipline areas. The application and recruitment process is part of the learning. The core purpose of the program is to offer experiential learning opportunities combined with rigorous reflection on value based responsible leadership and organisational practices and career alignment. 

OPS 922:Operations  
Students will conduct a project related to an organisational context in order to develop their research skills.  Students will communicate their findings orally and in writing. Projects will be allocated by the Subject Coordinator. 

Extracurricular opportunities

Pitch X 

UOW PitchX is a reverse pitching competition for UOW students where you can pitch your terrible ideas for awesome prizes, meet new friends and gain valuable skills. iAccelerate runs the PitchX program twice a year, has an online module with live dual delivery workshops and a PitchX final. 

SESI/ Enactus 

The University of Wollongong (UOW) was among 15 universities represented at the 2022 Enactus Australia National Competition, held at the University of Sydney Abercrombie Business School. 

FutureMe Program  

FutureMe is one of UOW Outreach and school programs that work with high school students, teachers and parents. Their aim is the enabling of aspirations and awareness towards higher education and providing students with the knowledge and skills to get there. iAccelerate hosts Pitching events at their building on the innovating in which students learn to Pitch like an entrepreneur during a day visit.  

HDR Training Program 

iAccelerate pitch training is integrated into the UOW HDR Training program, providing pitch training to students that assist with framing, developing and delivering pitches, as a skill that is essential to a PhD Candidate in communicating their expertise to general and specialist audiences.  

iAccelerate innovation network

"We’ll use the well-proven methodology from iAccelerate and tailor it to local needs and conditions, working with the community to foster a spirit of innovation that leads to economic opportunities in the region…"