iAccelerate Film Makers In Residence

Ten Alphas Filmmakers In Residence

TEN ALPHAS are Filmmakers in Residence at iAccelerate.

Founders Nick Bolton and Jess Milne met doing the Masters in Screen Arts and Business at the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) and have both been making content for over a decade now.

Jess's thesis was a study on the science behind successful crowdfunding pitch video’s, which is very relevant to an entrepreneur. Nick's thesis was ‘The Art of Perseverance in feature filmmaking’. Nick interviewed over 40 filmmakers and published their insights as a thesis, book and documentary.

It was this thesis and documentary that grabbed the attention of iAccelerate because the filmmaker and the entrepreneur follow very similar paths.  

TEN ALPHAS are currently making a documentary on 'The Art of Start Up Perseverance', following some of the iAccelerate residents as they develop their business. The aim of the documentary is to inspire all entrepreneurs: established, emerging and new to understand what perseverance is required to be a success, whilst showcasing the iAccelerate program.


Welcome to 'The Art of Start Up Perseverance'

Entrepreneurs are required to have not only a good idea, but to attract funding, be technical, acquire sales, be marketing guru’s, legal eagles, be super-administrators and much more. They have to wear many hats.

But deep down what they really need is Perseverance. It's not a straight line from A to B, from idea to success, but a very topsy-turvy journey of few highs and many lows.

  • How does an entrepreneur persevere professionally when out of their depth intellectually.
  • How do they persevere personally trying to maintain relationships and keep paying the mortgage? 
  • How do they persevere creatively trying to keep their vision as shareholders, investors, employees and everybody else offer their two cents.
  • How do they persevere financially? The opportunity cost of giving up their salary, the capital they have to put in to bootstrap a business, and being the first to pay out and the last to get paid.


The Art of Startup Perseverance #1: Ten Alphas get to know iAccelerate Advanced resident company Me3D.

Me3D's focus is on designing 3D printers to be produced and supported by the local community. Me3D’s set out with the goal of designing the world’s best educational 3D printer, the Me2. Now they have launched a ground breaking program, Seed3D, which helps Australian schools to ride the massive wave of growth in 3D printing and drive it into the hands of the next generation.


The Art of Startup Perseverance #2: Ten Alphas meet Arijea  to dicuss ambitions for the business and what success looks like

Arijea is a software company that produces quality solutions for enterprise customers across the world using Atlassian products. Arijea products extend and enhance Atlassian JIRA and Confluence, enabling enterprise companies to effectively scale their businesses.

Both Atlassian alumni, with over 10 years combined experience at Atlassian, co-founders Nicholas and Dave have been part of iAccelerate since late 2015. Both founders have spent the past four years in San Francisco and though Sydney born and bred, chose the Illawarra to base their startup because of the lifestyle and the potential to tap into UOW’s student base.



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For more information on TEN ALPHAS, please visit www.tenalphas.com.au