Why being part of an Accelerator + Incubator is better than your home office

Being part of iAccelerate gives you more than just a place to plug your computer in: it connects you to a community of likeminded and passionate entrepreneurs that are also on their own startup journey.



You get the opportunity to share your highs and wins with others - getting the support of the iAccelerate team and providing your support to others.

When facing challenges in your journey you get the chance to share these with others who are also experiencing the same challenges. This gives you greater and faster insight into solutions and different approaches.

This is virtuous circle multiplier effect: minimise your pains, magnify your successes and your learnings, fast-track your company's growth and have more fun along the way.



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"Being part of iAccelerate has exposed me to some great opportunities, strong support, guidance and a community where everyone is engaged with making a difference. Growing up, I never dreamed I would be involved in business and define myself as an entrepreneur - I thought “that stuff” was for other people. I am grateful to have let that self-limiting thinking go, because it has meant I can be proud of "putting something out there and not worrying about what people might say. I want to inspire other women, the community, my kids and family, that business is simply effective communication. It’s about having an idea, putting your heart and soul out there (which takes courage and vulnerability). It’s about letting go of perfection, but always striving to do better."

Deb Young

Deb Young,

founder of resident iAccelerate company Stretch and Glow Yoga.