iAccelerate is a University of Wollongong (UOW) business incubator program that is here to help you build and grow your business. iAccelerate is built around a robust educational program, formalised business acceleration monitoring and one-to-one mentoring.

iAccelerate offers innovative businesses the unique opportunity to partner with a university comprising over 30,000 students, 2,000 staff and a significant portfolio of faculties and business units. UOW activities generate over $2 billion in economic activity each year and it is an extraordinary partner to have on your path to success.

iAccelerate utilises a multi-faceted approach to accelerating sustainable business growth to deliver the greatest economic impact. We offer a two stream program with up to a three-year incubation period - unique in the Australian startup landscape.

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iAccelerate initiative consists of:

  • iAccelerate Start - An ideas incubator for early stage businesses

  • iAccelerate Advanced - A tailored business acceleration program for more advanced companies with high growth potential

  • iAccelerate Club - Engagement with successful entrepreneurs and networking opportunities

  • iAccelerate Mentor - Expert advice, knowledge sharing, support, peer-to-peer

  • iAccelerate Pitch - Present to key industry experts, receive feedback, practice, polish

  • iAccelerate Educate - Tailored education program around delivering key knowledge areas

  • iAccelerate Seed Fund - The $10m iAccelerate Seed Fund is an early stage venture capital fund that makes seed and follow-on investments in iAccelerate resident startups via an assessment process.

Learn more about the iAccelerate Centre Facilities here.

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iAccelerate Timeline

iAccelerate Timeline2017 

iAccelerate Songline

The iAccelerate songline artwork is a visual cue for sharing knowledge with the community involved in iAccelerate created by Indigenous artist Cheryl Davison. 

As Evolve Communitities have taught iAccelerate Aboriginal Songlines are essentially knowledge networks that enable the communication of ideas to flow back and forth between two or more locations and serves as the perfect model for innovation ecosystems.

iAccelerate Songline artwork

Artist’s interpretation: 

          • The sacred network of mountains (North Wollongong’s being Geera & the escarpment) all the way along the network of mountains down the south coast and into the highlands from east to west.
          • The sea, people living off the sea. As a food source but also the importance in dreaming.
          • The sea eagle is a significant animal for the coastal communities.
          • The tree is the sacred tree.
          • The shield cut out and scared into the tree is similar to the scars from initiation (on skin) and is significant to the artist.
          • The circles are gatherings and fire places that represent the connected network of communities down the coast, extending out of the coast.
          • The “i” represents the individual. Connected to the community, represented by the “A”.
          • The dot of the “i” represents the sun - a symbol of knowledge & power in indigenous dreaming.


About the Artist:              

Aboriginal artist Cheryl Davison was born in Bega and has lived most of her life on the coast. She is descended from the Walbunga and Ngarigo people and often depicts stories told to her by family elders.

Davison works on paper, canvas and stone. Her prints are of an exceptionally high standard and marry contemporary style with ancient technique.

Cheryl Davison has been purchased by the National Gallery of Australia, NSW State Gallery, Wollongong City Gallery and many private collectors national and internationally.


For more information about iAccelerate, please contact us on info@iaccelerate.com.au or by phone on 02 4239 2150.