Omar Khalifa, CEO, iAccelerate

Australia has finally awoken to its need to create more entrepreneurs and to rely less on importing them – or exporting our talent to build businesses elsewhere.

Australia is in a major shift out of a resource-focused economy – one that is not so much in decline as no longer offering the jobs and opportunities they once did.

A nascent and misdirected investment environment is finally also taking shape and finding its feet. As an employee of Apple Computer I was no stranger to sourcing frustrated Australian programmers to work with or at Apple. They were humble, innovative, hard-working and great collaborators. And good fun.

Fast-forward 20 years and that same “give-it- a-go” spirit is now ready for deployment at home to create new businesses in Australia that are ready to export products and services not just just patents and talent.

Compared to some, we may be late to the party but for the first time this year computer science and engineering majors at UoW can minor in entrepreneurship by working through their ideas at iAccelerate. MBA students can get credit for assisting startups with a specific task. Researchers can be relieved of other duties to pursue a startup idea.

It is great to see the change in mindset and the opportunity it offers. See the full article in the San Francisco Business Times



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