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November saw the release of iAccelerate resident, 152hq’s lone worker safety application, Safe-halo, which is currently being used by many Illawarra businesses. 

Safe-halo assists organisations to achieve the highest standard in lone worker safety compliance, by turning any smart device into a safety tool. Utilising GPS tracking technology and packed with loads of safety features such as panic buttons, audible alarms, geofencing, and messaging, Safe-halo has you covered.

Take2 now taking off at Sydney Airport

152hq is also excited to report that their Take2 risk assessment app is now being utilised at Sydney Airport to identify and control hazards. A Take2 is the only Safety Tool that is completed at the work front, which makes us STOP and THINK prior to commencing work. 152hq’s digital Take2 removes the need for paper systems, enabling identified hazards to be reported and managed in real time.

152hq Nov News1


152hq’s Latest Project: Ad-built Plus

The team at 152hq are currently busy developing a scheduling software package for a Newcastle building company, which will automate the day-to-day operations involved with running their projects. 

The project brief included the need to send automated notifications amongst the team which are activated by the projects schedule. Ad-built Plus will also include project risk register, task lists, document control, and internal messaging systems.

Ad-built Plus is due for release in December 2017.

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