Over the last 12 months, 152HQ have identified amongst their prospective customers, accountants and local business a common issue with having to run multiple systems to organise their companies. From these discussions, a niche gap within the SME market for a seamless digital solution that offers complete end-to-end operational visibility has been exposed.

 According to 152HQ, it is not unusual to find businesses using up to 5 separate software packages. 152HQ are working towards overcoming having to subscribe or purchase multiple software packages, to track individual tasks such as invoicing, expenses, payroll, inventory and job scheduling. These packages are often expensive, outdated and slow. They may also not be dynamic enough to talk to each other, resulting in duplicated data and data manipulation.

152HQ are working closely with industry experts and end users to develop a solution that allows for data to be collected, processed and reported effortlessly from the work front, through to the accountant.

The team at 152HQ are excited for what is to come, and are looking for companies to assist with this initiative.

If you would like to join the QicWorks initiative, please get in touch via the 152HQ website www.152hq.com, email ([email protected]) or phone 1300 965 192.

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