152HQ with trophy

iAccelerate resident company 152HQ, were awarded Gold Disruptor for 2018 at the national ACS Digital Disruptor Award for Service Transformation for the Digital Consumer: Corporate. 

This award is recognition of how 152HQ with Safe-halo have digitally disrupted remote worker management systems.

As award recipients, 152HQ are honoured to be recognised as a team of ICT professionals who are at the forefront of digital innovation.

Award background:

The ACS is the professional association for Australia’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector. ACS is passionate about the ICT profession being recognised as a driver of productivity, innovation and business that can deliver valuable, tangible results.

Find further competition and awards details at https://reimagination.acs.org.au/disruptors.html

Product background:

The Safe-halo application is able to enhance a user’s smart device, enabling the GPS signal to still be sent from the very outer fringes of network range. The device then reports a User’s safety status and location back to a web based management system. This week 152HQ are also excited to announce that we can now link Safe-halo to personal GPS tracking devices, such as Spot 3, offering users 100% coverage.

Safe-halo is successfully implemented into South32, Centennial Coal and Peabody Energy operations within New South Wales and Queensland, offering real time visibility and peace of mind when it comes to remote worker management.

Get on board with Safe-halo at http://www.safe-halo.net/ or http://www.152hq.com/

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