iAccelerate Demo Day

iAccelerate Demo Day is a cornerstone event for iAccelerate residents showcasing Illawarra Startups & Innovative Businesses in the iAccelerate Centre held at Innovation Campus. 

The event aims to ‘showcase innovation in the Illawarra’.

iAccelerate is the Illawarra’s business incubator, offering a two stream program iAccelerate Start (ideas stage) iAccelerate Advanced (ready to scale) with up to a three-year incubation period - unique in the Australian startup landscape.

iAccelerate Demo Day represents an opportunity for the community to engage with iAccelerate’s innovative resident companies and for iAccelerate residents it presents the opportunity to exhibit their businesses to the community, investors, business leaders, media, and the wider startup community. 

iAccelerate Demo Day will be held on Friday 22 September as part of the Wollongong Fringe Festival. Demo Day is open to the public and free to attend.

Event Details

WHEN: Friday 22 September

WHERE: iAccelerate Centre (239), Innovation Campus, Squires way, North Wollongong

Directions to get to Innovation Campus

REGISTER: Via Eventbrite



10.00am:  iAccelerate Demo Day Opens on the Ground Floor & Official Welcome.

10:00am:  Breakout Session: Change Your Brain, Change Your Pain

10.30am:  Tour of the iAccelerate Centre and Information Session

10:30am:  Breakout Session: Building Desert Rose: Innovative Dementia Friendly Ecohome (UOW)

10:30am:  Breakout Session: Change Your Brain, Change Your Pain

11:00am:  Breakout Session: Living Connected: Digital Inclusion for Illawarra Seniors

11:00am:  Breakout Session: Change Your Brain, Change Your Pain

11.30am:  Breakout Session: 3 Essentials of Agile User Story Mapping

11:30am:  Breakout Session: Change Your Brain, Change Your Pain

12.00pm:  Breakout Session: Energy Price Hikes - How Smart Businesses are Mitigating Costs

12.30pm:  Breakout Session: Show Me The Money - Research Funding Opportunities at UOW!

1.00pm:    Breakout Session: Product packaging & The Purpose of Eco-Materials

1.30pm:    Breakout Session: Time is The Currency of This Century

2.00pm:    Tour of the iAccelerate Centre and Information Session

2:00pm:   Breakout Session: What makes a good Accelerating Commercialisation Grant Application

3.00pm:    iAccelerate Demo Day Conclusion


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SUPPORTERS + SPONSORS / An opportunity to gain access to the Illawarra startup community, UOW staff + Students, Illawarra business community and influencers via a single event. Provides a platform to engage meaningfully with the regions change makers as they develop an innovative technology economy in the Illawarra. For sponsorship packages please contact us.

THE PUBLIC / This is an open to the public event and everyone is welcome. A comprehensive promotional program will ensure strong community engagement, attendance and media profiling.

View the iAccelerate Demo Day 2015 Photo Gallery

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To learn more about sponsoring or supporting the iAccelerate Demo Day please contact Melissa Ryan on mryan@uow.edu.au or Kelly Salmon on kelly@uow.edu.au


Want to Sponsor Demo Day? 

Please contact Kelly Salmon on kelly@uow.edu.au or Melissa Ryan on mryan@uow.edu.au.