Got big plans for your business? iAccelerate offers a practical and engaging program to help build your business fast.

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An ideas incubator for early stage ideas and businesses. iAccelerate Start assists you in refining and validating your idea an business. An open plan professional co-working space, with entry-level mentoring and professional services. In addition, residents will have access to educational lectures and networking.

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iAccelerate Advanced business acceleration program is designed specifically for businesses looking to grow their business to the next level. The program’s main focus is on providing the necessary assistance to transform and scale early stage businesses into sustainable high growth companies.

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iAccelerate Educate

iAccelerate offers a tailored education program built around delivering key knowledge areas critical to rapidly building a successful startup business.

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"The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves." Steven Spielberg

In the fast paced startup world, mentors represent a critical advisory relationship between those who have done it before, with those about to do it.

We believe that valuable outcomes and learnings are achieved through shared understanding of expectations.

The passing down of the "lessons learned" provides a fast track path for the new entrepreneur and assists them in avoiding many beginner mistakes.


Mentor Guidelines

We have developed bespoke Mentor Guidelines that aim to assist with the development of the network, management of expectations and improve outcomes.  This is particularly important for those who are new to the process and want to avoid the pitfalls (mentor and mentee alike).

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If you are interested in becoming a mentor in the iAccelerate community - contact us.


Mentor Skills Matrix

We have developed a Mentor Skills Matrix that aims to advise iAccelerate residents on the key areas of expertise for each of our mentors.  

Download a PDF Copy - Knowledge, Skills and Experience 1

Download a PDF Copy - Knowledge, Skills and Experience 2

Download a PDF Copy - Industry Expertise


Entrepreneur in Residence

Frank Marzano
iAccelerate Entrepreneur in Residence, Product Management and Strategy expert, specialising in B2B, B2G Sales and Marketing | LinkedIn

Frank is the Co-Founder and Director of iTree Pty Limited, an Illawarra based software company that develops software solutions for government agencies in Australia and New Zealand, that improve productivity and efficiency in the areas of regulation, compliance and enforcement. Frank joins iAccelerate as an Entrepreneur In Residence to assist resident companies with Product Management and Strategy specialising in B2B and B2G Sales and Marketing.   

Researchers in Residence


Prof Sharon Robinson 
iAccelerate Researcher in Residence, Senior Professor, Associate Dean Graduate Research, PhD

A plant ecophysiologist and climate change biologist, Sharon is well known internationally for her research on Antarctic mosses and the innovative techniques she has brought to surveying and studying these precious plants. She is highly regarded as a teacher and mentor, and is a sought after thesis supervisor. And she maintains extensive connections nationally and around the world, with other research organisations as well as industry. 

Robert Gorkin.pdj.

Associate Professor Robert Gorkin III
iAccelerate Researcher in Residence, Associate Professor, PhD, MBA

Robert has extensive experience at the academic-industry coalface through research and project management in Advanced Manufacturing and Biotechnology. He is an Associate Professor at UOW, leading the team behind a Gates Foundation project developing revolutionary new condoms. He also is a co-founder of the leading Australian Graphene company, Imagine Intelligent Materials, where he manages research engagement with Australian and overseas partners. His work has led to over 100 publications (1500+ citations), over $5M in grants awarded from both academic and commercial positions, and direct involvement in disruptive startups leading to investment, products, sales, and community benefits. Robert is helping iAccelerate link emerging companies with researchers and entrepreneurial academics with opportunities, as well as helping develop impact investment funds.



Nick Bolton, Jess Milne
Directors, Ten Alphas: Nick Bolton LinkedIn | Jess Milne LinkedIn

Ten Alphas are an Australian video production company with offices in Sydney, Wollongong NSW and Melbourne. They are passionate about telling stories through moving image content. Ten alphas videos aim to engage audiences through a combination of creative scripting of touching personal human stories, out-of-the-ordinary scenarios, beautiful cinematography, motion graphics and animation. 


Adam Cole iAccelerate Advisor

Adam Cole

Partner, KPMG Australia - Corporate Structuring & Governance | LinkedIn

Adam is passionate about making a difference for his clients, by helping them better understand their business and its potential, exploit opportunities and solve challenging issues. He provides a broad range of tax and business advisory services to help his clients grow and succeed.

Jeremy Colless

Managing Partner, Artesian Capital Management - Venture funding and angel investment expert | LinkedIn

In 2004, Jeremy founded Artesian Capital Management with 2 other partners. Artesian is an alternative investment manager focused on venture capital and fixed income trading. Artesian is a full-stack VC firm offering an end-to-end venture capital platform for startups at seed, angel & growth stages in Australia, China & ASEAN.

Antonio Deliseo

CEO, Asia-Pacific, Bond International Software | LinkedIn 

Antonio has extensive knowledge of sales management, business development and business management; presentation and negotiation skills to C-Level executives and government
and is experienced in building businesses, teams and management in the Asia Pacific Region



NH Square

Nick Hartgerink

Owner, Hartgerink Media Services | LinkedIn

Nick is a media consultant with 37 years’ experience in journalism and public relations. He spent 24 years as a journalist with Fairfax, including six years as editor of the Illawarra Mercury. He currently runs a media consultancy, with regional and national clients including the University of Wollongong, BlueScope, the Rio Tinto Indigenous Foundation, Wollongong City Council, RMB Lawyers and NSW Government agencies. He is also the author of five books.
Richard Horton 14

Richard Horton

Partner, Squire Patton Boggs | LinkedIn

Richard is an experienced, dual-qualified US and Australian corporate and technology lawyer, actively advising clients in both the USA and Australia. He has deep experience helping Australian venture funds and technology companies doing business in the United States and globally, and represents all the major venture funds in Australia, as well as many of Australia’s leading startups and incubators
LI Square

Leanne Isabella

Human Resources Manager - Australia, Commscope | LinkedIn

Leanne is an expert in Human Resources and is currently HR Manager of CommScope Australia. She was previously the HR Manager throughout the growth phase of one of Australia's largest start-up successes, Info Comp. Leanne has been a key supporter of the iAccelerate initiative from its inception, presenting Educate sessions and providing HR advice to iAccelerate residents. 

Joanna Kubota
Founding Mentor

Director, Global Solution Strategies - Sales & Marketing expert | LinkedIn

Since establishing GSS in Australia, Joanna and Takahiro have worked to bring their global expertise to the Illawarra and South Cost, assisting a huge variety of companies covering a wide array of industries, from startups to well-established firms, and ranging in size from micro businesses up to companies and government departments with hundreds of employees. Joanna has been involved in the iAccelerate initiative since its inception in 2011. 

Taka  Kubota15

Takahiro Kubota
Founding Mentor

Director, Global Solution Strategies - Sales & Marketing expert 

Since establishing GSS in Australia, Joanna and Takahiro have worked to bring their global expertise to the Illawarra and South Cost, assisting a huge variety of companies covering a wide array of industries, from startups to well-established firms, and ranging in size from micro businesses up to companies and government departments with hundreds of employees. Takahiro has been involved in the iAccelerate initiative since its inception in 2011.

Anthony Macar image resize

Anthony Marcar

Entrepreneur/ Mentor | LinkedIn

Anthony is a tech entrepreneur with experience founding companies, building resilient tech systems, and mentoring startups. In Wollongong in 2010, Anthony co-founded Grabble, a digital receipt startup which sold to Walmart Labs in under a year. He worked there for 5 years integrating Grabble's technology throughout their 4800 US stores. He also rewrote Walmart's transaction backend (10 billion transactions a year), and then hired a team to manage it. Anthony is also a mentor in the Startmate accelerator where he has twice been voted most valuable mentor.
Tim Marshall iAccelerate Advisors

Tim Marshall

Principal, Marshall Legal | LinkedIn

Tim is an Intellectual Property lawyer and registered trade mark attorney with over 20 years of post qualification experience in the identification, creation, exploitation and enforcement of intellectual property rights and information technology (IT) law. He has a special interest in and branding and technology law.
James Parish iAccelerate Advisor

James Parrish

Solicitor, RMB Lawyers - Shareholder Agreements | LinkedIn

James has broad experience in the areas of business and commercial transactions including leasing and sale/purchase of businesses, reviewing and drafting contracts, civil litigation, estate planning and disputes, and property transactions, as well as shareholder agreements. 
Garry Pinch iAccelerate Advisor

Garry Pinch

Director, Accounting Professionals | LinkedIn 

Garry has developed an extensive business improvement plan that he implements with clients to achieve their goals regarding profits, cash flow, growth & lifestyle. The plan includes a focus on business profit drivers, tax strategies, marketing strategy plan & budget, business model review, team recruitment and management and measure, monitor & manage process to keep the business on track in the long term. 
Lothar Wilkens resize

Lothar Wilkens 

Founding Principal, Wilbartec Consulting Engineers | LinkedIn

Lothar is the founding principal of Wilbartec Consulting Engineers which for the past 26 years has serviced clients in a wide range of industries by developing creative improvement solutions to equipment and processes. He also applied his mechanical engineering skills towards designing manufacturing/processing equipment and products. Problem solving, critical technical analysis and practical engineering skills are part of the experience Lothar offers to the iAccelerate community.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor in the iAccelerate community - contact us.

iAccelerate Entrepreneur Club focuses on entrepreneurial leader engagement with 1,000+ registered participants and strong engagement with students, staff and the greater Illawarra business community. 

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iAccelerate Demo Day is a cornerstone event for iAccelerate residents showcasing Illawarra Startups & Innovative Businesses in the iAccelerate Centre held at Innovation Campus. 

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iAccelerate Pitch Program provides the opportunity for iAccelerate Startups to learn the art of pitching. To practice, polish and ultimately pitch their innovative business idea to a panel of investors and experts.

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The iAccelerate Seed Fund is an early stage venture capital fund that makes seed and follow-on investments in iAccelerate resident startups via an assessment process.

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iAccelerate Hub is home to both iAccelerate Start and iAccelerate Advanced resident companies. Meet our iAccelerate Residents