Indie Foods


Indie Foods is an e-commerce platform that facilitates the buying, selling and transacting of artisan foods and local produce for independent food producers and their customers by bringing them together in one place.


Modfab is dedicated to bringing affordable 3D printing technology to educational institutions in Australia.

NIFTY Concepts

Nifty is a highly visual mobile marketplace that will provide a streamlined and efficient way to buy and sell used clothing UNDER $50 online, bringing the thrift store concept to a modernised online.


ShopM8 is a retail shopping partner that notifies users about deals at nearby retail stores based on their interests and current location using the latest in Geo fencing technology.

The Rainbow Tunetable

'The Rainbow Tunetable,' is a musical device enabling children of all ages to create tunes, even if they are unable to play a musical instrument.


Allis Technology Pty Ltd - ScrubUp App

Allis Technology Pty Ltd are the developers of the mobile app, ScrubUp, a complete surgical preference portfolio customised to meet the needs of the surgeon, nurse & all members of the surgical team, available to hospitals & individual nurses. ScrubUp aims to optimise patient safety & enhance intra-operative efficiency.


Meet our iAccelerate Alumni companies. Alumni companies are past participants of the iAccelerate program. 


Aquilae is a technology consulting company working to make the adoption and use of technology easy.


ClauseMatch is a cloud based contracts management system for trading agreements in commodities and financial markets.


Festoon, a company set up to align Australian designers with local manufacturers to create quality products for the interior design industry.

Guerrilla Visual Effects

Guerrilla VFX is a next generation visual effects studio, providing a game changing approach to high end visual effects and animation.

Living Lean

Living Lean is an all-natural weight loss program that is achieving safe and sustainable results in never before seen timeframes.


Inspired by the purity of crafted engineering, Omnia exists for cyclists addicted to the bond, the thrill and the escape of riding, who, when push comes to shove, will happily throw down the gauntlet.

Pioneer Road

Pioneer Road Pty Ltd is a social networking service for transient communities. Our aim is to make travel safer, social, affordable and ultimately more fulfilling for our customers.


Progenia delivers beautiful, sustainable and affordable homes to the Illawarra’s domestic property market.

Rapid Cure Technologies Australasia

Rapid Cure Technologies Australasia is a dynamic startup company specialising in the design, formulation and manufacture of customer and application specific ultraviolet light (UV) curable resins, coatings, adhesives and composites for industrial markets in the Australian and Asia/Pacific regions. 

Resilience Collective | Disaster Connect App

Disasters are increasing in frequency and severity, putting business and communities at greater risk. The Resilience Collective offers disaster focused solutions for business and communities. enables house sharing to be easy, secure and profitable – turning your spare room into cash.

Site Architect

Site Architect is a mobile application for easy, on-site auditing of architectural defects. It provides up to date reporting between registered agents, such as architects or engineers, and contractors or subcontractors, allowing for a hassle free finish to any construction.

Skillstourism Pty Ltd

Skillstourism strives to provide travellers a holiday that connects the tourist with the craftsperson, creativity with adventure, and leisure with learning.


Find Google Analytics confusing? Smeetle simplifies your marketing efforts by collecting the metrics that matter to your business, and presents them in an clear, actionable format to assist you in improving sales and reducing your customer acquisition costs.

Sparky Fibre

powering the impossible

Sparky Fibre is an innovation leader in power over fibre solutions.

Steele Environment Solutions Pty Ltd

Steele Environment Solutions Pty Ltd is an Australian company that has developed a unique and advanced Powder Based Materials technology, VULLOY™.

Timeline Information Systems

Timeline Information Systems is solving problems for the insurance industry.

We Can Help


Wean Meister

Wean Meister create innovative and beautiful baby feeding products, with a focus on soft safe silicone.

Yesterday Stories

Yesterday Stories are producing an on-line solution for communities by providing a platform to gather stories and content and histories of the area.

» StartPad Alumni

Meet our StartPad Alumni companies.


Meet our StartPad Alumni companies.


Boolarng Nangamai Aboriginal Art & Culture Studio (BNAACS) purpose is to keep culture alive through education & employment - Old Ways in New Times.

Convict Interactive

Convict Interactive is an independent game development studio based in Wollongong, Australia.


GiDFast is product designed to make life easier for trades people and small business owners by removing the pain of paperwork.

Giftling is a social payment platform for gift funding.


Creating independent retires through online business, Independee believes all retirees deserve to live the retirement they've always wanted.