152hq iAccelerate


152hq is a company of Professional Project Managers and System Programmers who engineer software solutions, enabling real time recording and reporting of a Project’s execution and delivery. 



Aegis specialises in asset management of property and civil infrastructure, as well as civil and structural engineering, remediation and maintenance.

All The Deals iAccelerate

All The Deals

All The Deals helps users find deals on the internet.

Allotrac iAccelerate


Allotrac is “Transport Management” our TMS is designed to deliver a seamless transition from today’s paper world into the new digital era. 

Aussie Books for Zim iAccelerate

Aussie Books for Zim

Aussie Books for Zim is an Australian based social enterprise that seeks to promote education and improve literacy in the remote rural communities of Zimbabwe.

Australian Smart Grid

Australian Smart Grid provides services of installing solar panel on the roof of buildings and subsequent maintenance. 

Avatar Technology iAccelerate

Avatar Technology

Avatar Technology is a software platform wireless solutions provider offering solutions and services to corporate and Commercial organisations.

BeerMogul iAccelerate


BeerMogul Games is an independent game developer and publisher specialising in mobile games.

Binary Beer iAccelerate

Binary Beer

Binary Beer is ensuring the reliable supply of quality beer to bars and pubs. We're developing smart kegs that tell brewers and bars how much beer is left, no matter where they are out in the field.

DevDAS iAccelerate


DevDAS is an aid and development consultancy firm, based in Australia. At DevDAS, we design, tender for, and communicate initiatives. That means we're lucky to work with some great staff and switched-on people - at client HQ and in-country - to deliver on each brief.

Easy Agile iAccelerate

Easy Agile

Easy Agile is a software company that provides solutions to Atlassian customers around the world. Easy Agile products help software development teams effectively deliver quality solutions to their customers.

EcoHeat iAccelerate


Ecoheat is an innovative home heating system that is powered by the sun. 

Ecoheat harnesses the power of the sun to provide cost efficient heating.

eMotion Technology iAccelerate

eMotion Technology

eMotion Technology is a startup Wearable Technology company that seeks to assist those who need a hand in working towards their goal of independence.

Nube IO iAccelerate

Enviro Services

Enviro Building Services has developed smart technologies and software that give you the ability to control the way that your building runs and consumes power. 

Enware iAccelerate

Enware Australia

Enware is an Australian owned and based manufacturer and marketer of specialized solutions for commercial and institutional market segments with its head office and manufacturing facilities located in Sydney, NSW.

MiNumus iAccelerate


EzSwitch is an Australian financial technology and product development company based in Wollongong, New South Wales.


Famly is the first app to discover and book activities with and for kids.

Fin 15 iAccelerate


Fin15 is a financial advisory service designed for uni students and young professionals. 

GeoInteractive iAccelerate


GeoInteractive Pty Ltd is a young innovative geoscientific company developing rapid ways to map underground mines and hazardous environments in 3D utilising advances in digital cameras and computer vision technology.

Ingeteam iAccelerate


Ingeteam is specialized in electrical engineering and the development of electrical equipment, motors, generators, frequency converters and automation. It deploys its products and services in four main sectors: Energy (mainly in Renewable Energy), Industry, Marine and Railway Traction

Instashred iAccelerate


InstaShred aims to create a fully interactive smart guitar, which will teach guitarists at any level using LED lights embedded in the fretboard. 

Life Our Way

Life Our Way

Life Our Way is a sophisticated life management app designed for families and carers who manage the life of a loved one with a disability.

Little Elf iAccelerate

Little Elf

Little Elf connects people, via internet/phone app technology, wanting specific domestic jobs/chores, such as laundry or lawn maintenance, done for them with people in the local community, such as a neighbour, who wants to perform the task (Elves).

Living Connected iAccelerate

Living Connected

Living Connected provides a service to assist older people to use computers to remain connected and engaged.

Me3D iAccelerate


Me3D’s focus is on designing 3D printers to be produced and supported by the local community. Me3D’s set out with the goal of designing the world’s best educational 3D printer, the Me2.

One Degree Health - Health Ready iAccelerate

One Degree Health

One Degree Health is a specialist preventative health company focussed on improving the lives of everyday Australians through innovations in health behaviour change theory and practice.

Planet Footprint iAccelerate

Planet Footprint

Planet Footprint delivers a utility management solution that helps organisations truly integrate energy resources through the application of big data, analytics and professional services. 

Polygon Door iAccelerate

Polygon Door

Polygon Door is a creative technology lab. Our core competency is an understanding of creative thinking and its relation to technology; we know where ideas come from.

Quirky Kid iAccelerate

Quirky Kid

Quirky Kid is Australia's leading child psychology clinic. Quirky Kid is changing the way schools teach social-emotional learning to their students by creating innovative and evidence-based materials to improve students' emotional and social wellbeing in schools and clinics around the world.

Recovery Camp iAccelerate

Recovery Camp

Recovery Camp is an innovative, evidence-based and award-winning program. It operates as both a professional experience placement for students of preregistration health programs and as a recovery-focused experience for those living with a mental illness.



RoboMotion is a company developing automatic robot programming software for welding.

RooCreate iAccelerate


RooCreate aims to enable businesses to directly access leading solutions in sustainable package design. Applying state-of-the-art environmental practices and educational components, RooCreate establishes a portal of expert package designers working to create products for businesses across the world.

ROWM iAccelerate


ROWM is developing a water quality monitoring service which provides water quality data without the need for sampling and analysis.

Screen Dopamine iAccelerate

Screen Dopamine

Screen Dopamine is changing the way people and business connect with each other through a unique engagement marketing platform